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Chickens give hope!

Chickens Give Hope is a “starter” project where applicants receive training on the raising poultry as a means towards financial stability. Initially the program provides children with the chickens and we request that the parents come for the training. Giving the chickens to the kids pretty much insures that the chickens won’t get put on the dinner table. What parent will “eat the kid’s pet”? 

The goal is to help folks discover new ways of raising chickens for profit and financial stability. Chickens really do give HOPE…. their eggs provide an element of food security and the chickens themselves will pay the ultimate sacrifice when they become the HOPE.

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Our commitment

We consider your donation and financial partnership to be an honor that we must dispense with all diligence. Each gift you donate will be used for the most effective purpose for that project. A portion of the project gift may be used for farmer training, water infrastructure and feed development to make the initiative viable. We pledge to only allow 10% of such gifts to be allocated toward administration. This means that the people who need the boost the most will benefit directly.