Goats Give Hope-2

Goats Give Hope

A family that makes less than $500 US a year is hard pressed to generate financial stability. That is why the gift of a female goat and our program of education can provide a significant boost to a family’s expectation of hope. 

Our training process helps the program applicant receive some foundational information about how to develop a sustainable goat business that provides a stable foundation for food security. We require each applicant learn agriculture principles and strategies along with ecological management concepts that helps insure success. 

Traditionally, goats are only used for meat in Haiti (and as mobile lawn mowers). The promotion of different goat varieties encourages the program applicants to manage their goats for milk production, and ultimately cheese production. These mobile “factories” not only provide dairy for food and income, but they also provide hope! 

Our commitment

Your donation and financial partnership is an honor that we must dispense with all diligence. Each gift you donate will be used for the most effective purpose for that project. A portion of the project gift may be used for farmer training, water infrastructure and feed development to make the initiative viable. We pledge to only allow 10% of such gifts to be allocated toward administration. This means that the people who need the boost the most will benefit directly.