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Families in rural Haiti in our service area of north Haiti need help… they don’t have time for projects that take years to be developed. They don’t need schemes that tie up their gardens with unprofitable crops or projects. We believe that raising pigs can provide the foundation of an answer. 

Pigs multiply quickly and can provide the basis of financial stability within a two year time frame. With the management training that Duvivier Project provides to the applicants they will learn how to aggressively develop a heard of pigs that can easily sustain a farmer and their family. 

Our program gives a family one female pig and expects to be returned two within a two year time-frame. These pigs that we receive back can either be given to another program applicant, or used to support the Pigs Smell Hope initiative. 

Oink… what’s that?…. I smell HOPE!”

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Our commitment

We consider your donation and financial partnership to be an honor that we must dispense with all diligence. Each gift you donate will be used for the most effective purpose for that project. A portion of the project gift may be used for farmer training, water infrastructure and feed development to make the initiative viable. We pledge to only allow 10% of such gifts to be allocated toward administration. This means that the people who need the boost the most will benefit directly.