Student Kits

When we see a need we work diligently to try to fill the need. Many famiies in the rural Duvivier area find it difficult, if not impossible to provide their children with soimne of the basics.

We believe that there are many who for $15 a kit would be willing to help.

Student Sponsorships

A student scholarship is a priviledge that comes with requirements on the recipient. It isn’t just a way to solicit donations from generous donors. The goal of the program is to establish a pathway to success as an adult. This means that the student has responsibilities, and our organization has responsibilities to provice the infrastructure to facilitate the objectives. In short, a $30/month commitment for one year provides more than just an education….

Animal Sponsorships

Unlock a world of hope for a deserving child

Planting Trees

Regenerating the ecology of a specific community requires patience. Farmers still need to be able to grow food in their gardens to feed their families. So, trees need to be income producers in order for them to be valuable.

With the right programs incorporated into econonomic development projects, this is possible.

You will plant 10 Trees with a donation of $15

Building Latrines

The basics of personal hygene must be modeled for all. Duvivier Project proactively encouraged the residents to build latrines for each family.

We believe that a project like this must require the labor of the community, combined with the supplied from Duvivier Project.

Your sponsorship of $500 will help provide a latrine for a family.

Would you consider helping with one of these projects?

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