Student Kits

Many families in the rural Duvivier area find it difficult, if not impossible to provide their children with the basics, like food and education.

Find out more about the student kits we will distribute this Spring! For $15 per student kit, you can support a young learner in her or her educational journey.

Student Sponsorships

A student scholarship is a priviledge that comes with requirements on the recipient. It isn’t just a way to solicit donations from generous donors. The goal of the program is to establish a pathway to success as an adult. This means that the student has responsibilities, and our organization has responsibilities to provide the infrastructure to facilitate the objectives. In short, a $30/month commitment for one year provides more than just an education.

Animal Sponsorships

Give a Goat! (or Chicken)

Tree Planting

Regenerating the ecology of a specific community requires patience; farmers still need to be able to grow food to feed their families. So, trees that are income producers are absolutely valuable. The combination of the spirit of the local community along with resources from the Duvivier Project will create the right environment for growth and reforestation. Learn more about what the Duvivier Project has done in this area over several years.

A donation of $15 could fund ten trees.

Building Construction

Through the Duvivier Project (and sister organization Movi-COP of Haiti) and drive from Pastor Amos Myrtil, a number of building project have been completed including housing for families and renovations to school buildings.

Current construction projects include additional latrines construction especially in the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The basics of personal hygiene is a luxury many of us take for granted. The Duvivier Project proactively encouraged the residents to build latrines for each family. In partnership with the local community members and resources resources supplied from Duvivier Project, latrines have been constructed on in Duvivier.

Your sponsorship of $500 will help construct a latrine.

Will you consider helping with one of these projects?